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Chained Soap2day Online Free : Cab driver Bob lives a double life as a serial killer who abducts the young women he picks up and murders them at his house. But when he picks up Sarah Fittler and her nine-year-old son, Bob forces the boy to live with him as his personal slave. The boy, renamed Rabbit by Bob, grows up witnessing the suffering and death that Bob causes almost every day. As Rabbit becomes a man, Bob seeks to make him his protégé. Will Rabbit carry on the legacy?.

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  • YEAR: 2012
  • DIRECTOR: Jennifer Lynch
  • GENRE: Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller
  • STARS: Vincent D'Onofrio, Eamon Farren, Evan Bird, Julia Ormond, Conor Leslie, Jake Weber, Gina Philips, Daniel Maslany, Benjamin DeWalt, Lyndon Bray