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  • YEAR: 2015
  • DIRECTOR: William Monahan
  • GENRE: Drama, Thriller
  • STARS: Garrett Hedlund, Louise Bourgoin, Cletus Young, Oscar Isaac, Tim Soergel, Ralph Brannen, Walton Goggins, Niall Madden, Fran Kranz, Matt Jones

Synopsis on Soap2day Mojave 2015

Mojave Soap2day Online Free : A famous Hollywood director is feeling dissatisfied with his life, the issues in it including the disintegration of his marriage which will probably end with an expensive divorce and loss of custody of his young daughter. To get away from his life if only for a short period, he drives into the Mojave Desert. The getaway doesn't turn out the way he expects, the major turning point being when a sociopathic drifter stumbles into his camp. That encounter ends up with both men seemingly wanting to kill the other. What the director is unaware of is that the drifter, who didn't know who he was during their encounter, ends up finding out who he is and about his life, which makes him an easier target once the director returns to Los Angeles. The drifter seemingly wants to torture the director by threats of harm against the director's friends, associates and/or loved ones, including his current girlfriend, a French actress, regardless of if the threats are real or just used as that ....