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#TemanTapiMenikah2 Soap2day Online Free : Not nearly enough completely satisfied yet in appreciating the moment as a spouse, Ayu (Mawar De Jongh) instantly becomes pregnant. Her personality changes completely. Generally, she wants accompanying her partner It's the same (Adipati Dolken) anywhere, now she ends up being lazy and even worse: extremely sensitive. Ditto needs to keep back as well as claim not to be jealous of the focus Ayu provides to the unborn child. The fights that usually take place make Ayu and It's the same need to pick which one to keep; their marriage or the infant..

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  • YEAR: 2020
  • DIRECTOR: Rako Prijanto
  • GENRE: Biography, Drama, Romance
  • STARS: Adipati Dolken, Mawar Eva de Jongh, Vonny Cornellya, Sari Nila, Ivan Leonardy, Clay Gribble, Sarah Sechan, Jourdy Pranata, Tubagus Ali, Ravil Prasetya