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Manifestation Soap2day Online Free : Manifestation is an semi-autobiographical art-house short movie concerning a mentally ill individual who takes revenge on society due to the fact that he really feels overlooked by his family, the social system, the community around him, and also Culture as a whole. He was psychologically over used as a kid and also adult by a crazed dad. The film draws parallels to the environmental problems of the present and also to the white supremacy that produced our capitalist culture that we live in today. It's a story of a social derelict who experienced weltschmerz as well as lived a life of loneliness, alienation and seclusion in a culture that is mentally desolated. During the 17-minute film, the viewer experiences an anarchic sight of the globe from the social castaway's point of view..

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  • YEAR: 2019
  • DIRECTOR: Danny Germansen
  • GENRE: Short, Biography, Drama
  • STARS: Marek Magierecki, Mikkel W. Knudsen, Bianca Klingenberg-Dupont, Suzana Lungu, Ask Brink, Elvira Klingenberg-Dupont, Lærke Brink, Sigrid Brink, Benjamin Dall, Kevin Hansen Levandowski